Who We Are

Healing Justice Practice Space 2012 Coordinators: Left to Right: Maryse Mitchell-Brody, Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis, Adaku Utah, Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a mother, organizer, theologian, artist, and facilitator. She is a founding member of the Rock Dove Collective, a radical community health exchange which works to create accessible community care, and to address issues of burn-out and chronic illness within the social justice movement by promoting health and wellness as core aspects of transformative change. Autumn has been a part of bring health and healing justice to the Allied Media Conference since 2009, and spearheaded the development of the 2011 Healing Justice Practice Space.

Adaku Utah is an activist, healer, teacher, herbalist, and performance artist committed to nurturing authentic expression within folks and transformative and healing community spaces. She is a proud social justice co-conspirator, committed love warrior, and ever-evolving mover and shaker. She is the founder of SouLar Bliss, a collective space to share, create, discuss recipes, remedies, rituals and resources for healing ourselves and whole communities. She currently works with Project SAFE as a project facilitator, training and supporting youth and adults in educating and organizing around sexual health and reproductive justice issues. Her social justice work is coupled with her inspiring performance art. Her artistry is inspired by love, constructive rage, storytellers, acts of resistance, healing, nature, Nigeria and bridge building.

Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis is an organizer, herbalist, doula, and dancer. She has been an active in the Allied Media Projects community for several years, coordinating the first ever Healing Justice Practice Space at the AMC 2011. She is currently working with People’s Kitchen Detroit, exploring the connections between nutritional healing, community gardening, and medicinal herbalism.

Maryse Mitchell-Brody is an organizer and New Yorker who believes that well-being is a revolutionary process. In addition to her work with the Healing Justice Practice Space, she is a member of the RockDoveCollective and has been a part of various other community-based efforts for radical, accessible, and transformative healing. Maryse is an LMSW with a degree in Community Organization, Planning & Development. She’s used harm reduction strategies to help build safety and wellness for sex workers, drug users, LGBTQ+ people, people who are homeless and other traditionally marginalized folks. Maryse is learning more about herbalism lives in Manhattan with her partner and her 42 plants.

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