How To Share A Resource

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Healing Justice Practice Space website. Your submission creates more opportunities for folks to learn and engage with the practice of healing and health justice and expands the connections, possibilities and wisdom around healing and transformation. We welcome submissions from folks who are new to healing and health justice and are committed to expanding their knowledge and practice, folks who have been doing healing and health justice work for quite some time and are juiced about sharing lessons from their journey, elders, youth, disabled folks, survivors of trauma, LGBTQ folks, local, national and international folks, health practitioners, activists, folks who have attended the AMC and other healing justice gatherings looking for another space to sustain and expand their work, network, and build relationships. This is not an elitist space reserved for “experts”, “leaders”, or “professionals”. This is a space for real folks grappling with how we do this work with intention, integrity, sustainability, authenticity and care.

What can I submit?

We are seeking submissions that share various models, strategies and practices for doing health and healing justice work , including but not limited to, definitions, approach/analysis, logistical nuts and bolts, sustainability, challenges, creative solutions. We invite you to submit work that speaks to one or more of the following areas:

  • Creating  temporary healing and health justice practice spaces        
  • Starting collectives and cooperatives        
  • Decision making processes    
  • Accountability         
  • Evaluation         
  • Healing oppression within healing spaces/organizations/collectives    
  • Short and longterm sustainability of our work        
  • Supporting and developing new leaders    
  • Healing the healers    
  • Dealing with crisis        
  • Creating and implementing safety practices    
  • Resisting the medical industrial complex        
  • Making health and healing justice central to the work you are doing in a space that is toxic and oppressive

Submission Guidelines: Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please follow the guidelines below as you submit

  • Include a bio, personal and/or organizational website, if needed
  • Include a title for your submission        
  • Provide any media (artwork, video, picture) that you want included with your submission    
  • Send your submission in microsoft word or pdf format    
  • Write “Submission for Website” in the subject line        
  • Email  your post to

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