Healing Justice Practice Space Herbal Medicine Fundraiser – self love potion #9 available now!

self love

For the third year in a row, the Allied Media Conference (aka the best conference in the universe) is hosting a Healing Justice Practice Space!  The Healing Justice Practice Space is an all-gendered, all-bodied space for practicing and receiving healing. We’ll offer all participants in the AMC community massage therapy, energy work, community acupuncture, herbal therapy, counseling, first aid, art therapy, dance, yoga, and more! Our work uplifts and politicizes the role of health and healing in our movements as a critical part of the world we are building. We recognize that medicine is media; how we heal ourselves is directly related to how we engage in individual and collective transformation.

Over 40 radical healers will be offering free community based healing services to folks at the AMC over three days of transformative healing hoo-ha bliss. In order to support healers getting to the AMC, the dedicated all-volunteer coordinators of the Healing Justice Practice Space are selling. . .  wait for it:

self love potion #9
From rad herbalist Lauren Giambrone at good fight herb company, self love potion # 9 contains hawthorn berry leaf & flower, rose petal, motherwort, yarrow, raw honey, grain alcohol, prayers for a happy heart and healthy boundaries.

Suggested use: Use this potion to love and support yourself. Take 1 tbs as needed to keep your heart open and protected, your spirit held and supported, and your boundaries clear and healthy. Enjoy right off the spoon and repeat as needed.

$40 will get you four bangin’ one of a kind ounces to support your heart, make you feel foxy and help you love yourself fiercely – not to mention showing your love for healing justice.  Also, they don’t call the AMC the Allied Babes Conference for nothing. . .  take this, come through, and meet some cuties you wanna shine your light bright on – or just shine on with your self-love!

Click through to get your very own self love potion #9!: btn_buynow_SM

Or if you’d like to add a super generous $10 donation to your potion:  btn_buynow_SM

Or to add an amazing $25 donation to your potion:  btn_buynow_SM

For more about the Healing Justice Practice Space: https://talk.alliedmedia.org/amc2013/tpsngs/healing-justice-practice-space

For more about good fight herb company: http://www.goodfightherbco.com/

For more about the AMC: http://amc.alliedmedia.org/  (register today!)

 In love, healing and liberation,

Maryse, Nisa and Quai
HJPS Coordinators

P.S. Please share widely, and contact Maryse at reach.maryse@gmail with any questions!