Self and Community Care Posters go on sale next week!

This is the first year the Just Healing network is offering both a Healing Justice Practice Space AND a Healing Together Network Gathering at the Allied Media Conference (AMC)! As a fundraiser to support the Healing Together Network Gathering and ensure that it is an accessible space for all, we are offering a three poster series of community and self care posters developed by talented artists in the healing community! Thank you to Fiona Avocado, Jacks McNamara, TextaQueen and Fabian Romero for the amazing pieces they created.

Posters will be available on our website by next week, which can be shipped to your door or picked up at local hubs. Individual posters are $15 each, or all three beautiful posters can be purchased as a set at a price of $35 for individuals or $45 for businesses and organizations.

Please share info about the fundraiser widely with your friends, family and communities. See you at the AMC in June!

Fiona Avocado is a jack of many trades. She is a cartoonist, illustrator, portrait artist, zinester, printmaker, writer, media maker, and educator. She is always found creating, thinking, daydreaming, or questioning the world around her. Fiona’s work is multifaceted and constantly evolving. Find out more about their work here.

Jacks McNamara is a queer writer, artist, activist, educator, performer, and somatic healing practitioner living in Oakland, CA. Jacks is the co-founder of The Icarus Project⌃, a radical mental health support network and media project by and for people living with the dangerous gifts that our society commonly labels as “mental illness,” and the subject of the poetic documentary film Crooked Beauty⌃. Find out more about their work here.

Texta Queen Renowned for use of the humble felt-tip marker to boldly re-interpret the tradition of the salon nude, TextaQueen explores politics of sex, gender and identity in tangent with ideas of self-image and inter-personal relationships. Texta’s practice articulates delicate interplays between vulnerability and empowerment, intimacy and exhibitionism, and subjective and collective expressions of feminist, queer, and cultural identities. Find out more about their work here.

Fabian Romero is a Queer Chicano poet, performance artist and community organizer. They co-founded and participated in several writing and performance groups including Hijas de Su Madre, Las Mamalogues and Mixed Messages: Stories by People of Color. Their sincere poetry and stories stems from their experiences as an Economic Refugee, speaking two languages, Queerness, gender-queerness, brown skin, time as a migrant worker and childhood in poverty. Find out more about their work here.

Estamos Conectados by Fiona Avocado

Estamos Conectados by Fiona Avocado

Revolutionary Health by Jacks McNamara

Revolutionary Health by Jacks McNamara

Reminders by Texta,  text by Fabian Romero

Reminders by Texta, text by Fabian Romero