SouLar Bliss is a community space to create, share, and discuss self and community care recipes, rituals, remedies and resources.

This space:
*Shares stories of our journeys, challenges, and triumphs towards healing and loving ourselves and communities whole
*Honors our his/her/ourstories with pain and trauma and uses them as sites to celebrate the power and resiliance we have to break all rules, traditions, and patterns that hinder us
*Offers free to low-cost resources available in New York City that support our healing, rejuvenation, relaxation, transformation, mindfulness, and individual and collective wellbeing.

We are fearless creators, wise magicians, prolific prophets in motion, fashioning worlds aligned with our deepest desires. This space is a recognition of that power and an awareness of the obstacles that attempt to get in the way. Resources abound to support our healing. Intuitive guides are willingly available in many manifestations to answer the myriad of questions that thread our realities. Seemingly, there are not a lot of recipes, rituals, remedies and resources available to replenish our minds, bodies and spirits. I beg to differ!!! We have more resources for our use than we realize, many of which exist in our own minds, bodies and spirits.

It is my prayer that one or many of these offerings will speak to you, walk with you, stand by you, laugh with you as we dance our way to wholeness.