AMC 2012 Healing Justice Practice Space: Space Keepers Needed!

The Healing Justice Practice Space will provide individual and collective healing, with the goal of creating and sustaining an environment of wellness and safety for conference participants. The space will welcome the contributions of volunteers who are interested in or are practitioners of various medicine and healing arts, including (but not limited to): crisis counseling, herbalism, reiki, massage, acupuncture, yoga, energy and bodywork, dance/movement, art therapies, etc.

Space keepers will manage the sign up sheet and maintain a safe space, support the healers in their practice, ensure access to the space for attendees, and help to troubleshoot other issues as they arise. They will also need to be able to answer questions about different healing modalities and other offerings of the space. You will be working with in an integrative healing team model with healers, health practitioners, and coordinators. We need patient, organized folks for these roles and they are absolutely essential to keep the space wonderful. You do not have to be a healer or even know much about healing to be a volunteer -though that’d be great! We just need calm, friendly, dedicated folks who show up when they say they will and are willing to learn – we’ll make sure you know what you need to know before you get started.

Expectations of Volunteers:
-Complete a conference call/online orientation this Spring, or attend the in-person orientation at the AMC
-Be on time and stay for the duration of your shift
-Have clear communication with the coordinators on what your needs are

Complimentary conference registration is available if needed. To volunteer as a space keeper, please fill out this form.


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